Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Thats me! Well me on Xbox Live at least. Microsoft put out a new patch for the Xbox and kind of ripped off Nintendo with the avatar creation thing but I think the Microsoft ones are a bit cooler.

So it finally snowed and winter is officially in suck mode. I guess it's not too bad its just driving that is the worst so maybe it will be ok this year and not be too snowy but who knows! Thanks climate change!

Not much really happening on the Mike front lately. I had my Life Writing class in Second Life on Tuesday and that was absolutely terrible. Its an interesting experiment really. You get about 40 people who are pretty much anonymous, grouped together in one place and there's no limits on who can talk or speak so it ends up just being a mess of idiots trying to be funny or clever or "smart". My professor did create a stage where people who wished to speak had to be on top of but that didn't work at all. I eventually found out that he wasn't taking attendence and then my computer froze and I couldn't get back in so I guess lesson learned is Second Life and people are stupid. I was going to take some screen shots in Second Life during the "lecture" but I forgot and well it wasn't that interesting anyways.

I guess thats about it for now. I can't wait to start hearing Christmas music everywhere as soon as American thanksgiving is over, hurray!

Monday, November 10, 2008

thanks joe

You've inspired me by your post on my facebook wall. These turned out very well and youtube doubler is the greatest invention since youtube YES THERE I SAID IT!

Click here to see my effort. Warning there is sound!

Its a website where you can post two youtube videos and it plays them together. For example you can post a stupid dragon ball z video as the first one and then also the Requiem For a Dream dramatic music as the second one and they play at the same time to achieve a comedic juxtaposition!

That was my favourite one but I may end up making more because its just so much fun. The only problem is that I can only seem to make stupid nerdy ones but I'll try for something more "mainstream" next time.

Heres a couple more Gears of War pictures man this game is awesome.

In some non nerd news I'm getting ever so much closer to being done school woo! Also I'm still pretty pumped because on Friday I bought some dress pants at the Gap on sale for $12.99 and I went back the next day and they went back up to $59.99!!! Whoa what a deal! So next time you see me I may be wearing some cheap but nice pants!

Anyways check out the youtube doubler cause its really really fun to come up with stupid things!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

gimmie that GOW Two

I bought Gears of War 2 on Friday and oh man this game is incredible. Thats a photo I took IN THE GAME!!! I give this game 100 out of 100 because it is very bad ass and very cool in so many ways! I'll probably post more pictures that I take later but I haven't taken that many just yet (too busy killing).

Switching gears (heh heh heh) Kimber and I went to see the movie Role Models yesterday and it was pretty good! I thought it might be a little funnier but overall I was pleased. Paul Rudd was his usual self and Sean William Scott is still underrated because he is much funnier than people give him credit for. OK my heart is not really in this update because I just want to play more GoW!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the comeback kid

Well I can't think about this essay any longer so its a good time to post on my blog again. THIS TIME I'M GOING TO KEEP IT UP! Keep in mind that it will be filled mostly with youtubes and probably very pointless or ~*rAnDoM*~ things...SO RANDOM. I don't live enough of an interesting life to fill it with cool stuff all the time (only sometimes).

Also I'm done school December 10th (!) so I'm hoping that by then this blog will be huge and bought by Google or Microsoft or both and I won't have to find a real job?! Only time will tell...

Here is a cool thing if you like Pandas - Panda Cam! Its only for Window Vista so if you don't have that then take a time machine back to 1997 where you belong. If you use a Mac then you're probably too cool to read this blog anyways.

There should be a youtube that I found posted on here I think but I'm not really sure how so we'll see what happens.

Well I guess thats it. Check this out tomorrow and maybe there will be something good...! There might also be more "mike is blogging again" posts than there are of regular content posts now but I think things will be different this time!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

if any dictionaries are hiring...

pwner -noun:
1) occurs after an individual has just mercilessly pwned someone. A status of the pwn disher, not receiver.
1b) an after-effect of pwning.

[Origin: This blog, 2008]

In use: You choked on a peanut? but uhh... your pants are still on! Pwned, just pwned! Dude I just got a pwner.

nb: It is important to keep in mind that simply witnessing a devastating pwn can inspire a pwner in all viewers, however the pwn receiver can never achieve pwner status in such a situation when the pwn was directed at him/her.

that was the dumbest thing i ever wrote. i hope it doesn't tarnish the blog community's sterling reputation.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

this is the future of blogging

this is mostly just a test to see if I can blog from my phone. let's see if this works...

and just so this is not a total waste of time for you, the reader, I ate lunch at Harvey's today (don't tell McDonald's!).

update: Mission accomplished. now I can blog from anywhere, driving, playing soccer or even from prison.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

look what I stumbled upon

In my daily internetting I came across a verrrrrry interesting youtube video which I'm sure some of you may enjoy. Its pretty annoying but just watch it for a bit and right around 2:30 you will know where it is headed. I don't want to ruin anything so just watch it.

Mini Moni Chicca 7

I can't embed youtube videos anymore for some reason so just click the link!